Readings & Energy Balancing Available Daily - Next Psychic Fair February 6th - 9th


My Specialties


 Intuitive Oracle Readings

Spiritual Guidance

Childhood Trauma Release

"Benergy" (Ben-Energy) Balancing

Heart-Centered Sessions


Mind, Body and Soul Alignment

Crystal Energy Balancing

Qigong (chee-gong)


Sound Therapy w/Solfeggio Frequencies

Sound Therapy w/Quartz Crystal Pyramid

Sound Therapy w/Crystal Singing Bowls

My Credentials


Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Qigong Instructor

Supreme Science Certification

Yoga Instructor

Masters of Arts in Teaching

Bachelors in Psychology and Gender Studies

Voted "Best" Reiki Practitioner

 2 Years running - Port Angeles

Testimonials About Me


"Ben, you are a treasure and a beautiful angel of light.  I sincerely appreciate this reading and intent to keep it close at hand to constantly allow it to guide me.  When I am made aware of the Angels, guides, and heavenly resources that surround me, I am humbled and filled with joy.  Thanks again, you are heaven sent.” D.C. 2019

 “Thank you Ben! I just woke up! I feel this wonderful lightness, like I’m filled with helium. Like the weight of my stuff has been taken off my back and if I didn’t have my belly I’d float away!” J.B. 2019 

Ben is a true conduit to the inner guidance and direction I needed just when I needed it. Beautifully presented in a clear and easy to understand format, I highly recommend a reading with Ben. Thank you Ben!” M.B., 2019