Cate Hastings - Readings - Energywork

Cate Hastings


Hi, I am Cate and I come from a long line of Celtic Practitioners on my father's side and Native Practitioners on my mothers side. I have been given the gift of Feeling and Hearing and throughout my life I have healed myself.  As a child I felt like an outcast because my gifts made me different. Once I accepted  and embraced my gifts I realized that I could use them to help others and that is where my journey began. I believe that everyone can have an abundant life.  I am driven to help others reach new heights of spiritual aliveness, self-love and authentic transformation, I hope to help you too! 

My Credentials


Certified Life Coach with QSCA

Wealth Abundance Certification

EFT Certification

Reiki 1 and 2 Certifications

Psychology Coursework, Dominican University

Eastern Wellness and Kinesiology, Columbia

American Indian and Shamanic Lineage, Mother's Side

Celtic Healter Lineage, Father's Side

I Can Teach Wealth Abundance Master Class, Manifesting Your Dream Life

Testimonials About Me


"You are TRANSFORMING my Life, Thank you!" Ryan, Crystal Lake

"After one Reiki session wtth Cate my migraines that I had been suffering with for 6 weeks disappeared!"  Iris, Des Plaines

"Cates gifts and ability to know what tools to use during my sessions have set me on the path of healing, transforming my life toward self-discovery, self-love, and joyful abundant living!"  Susan, Arlington Heights    

My Specialties

Crystal Reiki Session


Reiki Sessions are available but the most profound results are achieved when you allow me to read and do energywork for you. During this comprehensive session, I utilize many techniques to assist you toward true enlightenment.  Through truly accepting yourself and loving yourself all things are possible.

Medium Session


During my readings I may use a variety of decks and crystals to connect me to you and your transitioned loved ones. Through this connection, I am able to help you on your path to Enlightenment and connect with Angels, Spirit Guides and Transitioned Loved Ones around you. 

Card Readings


With my many decks we will uncover your true self and  answer questions to your most secret questions.  Questions about Life, Love, Career, Family and Friends are all possibilities.  Let me help you get down to the real truth of your situation and circumstance.  

Animal Communication


1 Hour Minimum

Past Life Regression


Flat $100 Fee - 1 hour Plus Intensive Session



1 Hour Minimum