My Specialties

Testimonials About Me

My Specialties

Medium Sessions

Psychic Readings

Past Life Regressions

Animal Communication

Akashic Records w/Past Life Information

Karmic Cleansing

Cord Cutting

Card Readings

Reiki Sessions

EFT Sessions

Ultimate Reading Energywork Combo

Medium Mentoring

Spiritual Gift Mentoring

White Magic Mentoring

 Property Clearings, Blessings & Readings

Home Parties 


My Credentials

Testimonials About Me

My Specialties

International Strategic Sourcing Manager

Certified Life Coach with QSCA

Wealth Abundance Certification

EFT Certification

Reiki 1 Certification

Reiki 2 Certifications

Psychology Coursework, Dominican University

Eastern Wellness and Kinesiology, Columbia

American Indian and Shamanic Lineage, Mother's Side

Celtic Healer Lineage, Father's Side


Testimonials About Me

Testimonials About Me

Testimonials About Me

"You are TRANSFORMING my Life, Thank you!" Ryan, Crystal Lake

"After one Reiki session wtth Cate my migraines that I had been suffering with for 6 weeks disappeared!"  Iris, Des Plaines

"Cate's gifts and ability to know what tools to use during my sessions have set me on the path of healing, transforming my life toward self-discovery, self-love, and joyful abundant living!"  Susan, Arlington Heights