Fran Verzosa - Readings

Fran Verzosa


Hi I am Fran and I am a Psychic Medium and Medium Mentor who has the gift of all 5 Claire's (Sight, Hearing, Feeling, Smell and Taste).  I am blessed to have the ability use these gifts to touch the hearts of my clients by providing accurate answers and profound details.  

My credentials, family lineage, connection with the spirit realm combined with the many modalities I practice (Palmistry,  Angel Cards, Pendulum and Crystal Ball Scrying and Candle Magic)  provide my clients with a unique experience and answers they can trust.  

My Credentials


Bachelors in Social Work

Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy

Reiki 1 Certification

3rd Generation Medium

I Teach - Intuition 101, Mediumship 

Testimonials About Me


"Fran connected me with my grandparents I deeply miss and gave strong validation that they really are watching over me"  Shawn, Huntley


"She told me of a relationship I would have and it happened exactly the way she said it would.  I call her my special spiritual wing man"  John, Crystal Lake

"Fran described not only the job I would get but the layout and logo of the business.  Amazing!"  Mike, Elgin

"Fran gave me a reading that changed my life. She connected with my uncle and described his favorite foods and memories I shared with him" Sylvia, Algonquin   

My Specialties

Medium Session


I am able to channel your loved one 

(objects, photos help) who have crossed over to the spirit realm sharing messages, recall memories, provide personal details to authenticate my connections. 

Palm Reading


During your Palm Reading Session I read the lines in your palm.  Through connecting with the Psychic Energy of your hands and using my psychic intuitive gifts I am able to tell you past and present information and predict the future. 

Scrying Psychic Reading


By using a Crystal Ball or Reflective Pool of Water I am able to "see"  images that represent things to come.  During this session you may ask specific questions about you and others in your life.