My Specialties

Testimonials About Me

My Specialties

Medium Sessions

Psychic Readings

Palm Reading

Card Readings

Akashic Record Sessions

Angel and Guide Messages

Medium Mentoring

Scrying Instruction

Spiritual Gift Mentoring

Candle Magic

Crystal Prescriptions

Property Clearings, Blessings & Readings

Home Parties 


My Credentials

Testimonials About Me

My Specialties

Bachelors Degree

Masters Degree

Counselor by Trade

Reiki 1 Certification

3rd Generation Intuitive 


Testimonials About Me

Testimonials About Me

Testimonials About Me

"Fran connected me with my grandparents I deeply miss and gave strong validation that they really are watching over me"  Shawn, Huntley


"She told me of a relationship I would have and it happened exactly the way she said it would.  I call her my special spiritual wing man"  John, Crystal Lake

"Fran described not only the job I would get but the layout and logo of the business.  Amazing!"  Mike, Elgin

"Fran gave me a reading that changed my life. She connected with my uncle and described his favorite foods and memories I shared with him" Sylvia, Algonquin