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Joe Diamond


Hi I am Joe and my gifts were first made aware to me when I was 5 while reading the story of Joseph in the Bible.  Growing up in a religious household I realized that my abilities would not be welcomed but later received help from a family member with similar gifts.  My greatest passion is to share with you what is really going on in your mind and in your dreams to better help you know yourself better.

My Credentials


Interviewed by "Beyond the Bizarre:Frightening Facts and Blood-Curdling True Tales"

Interviewed by "Tom and Emily Morning Show" 95 Wil Rock

Interviewed by "WGN News"

Interviewed by "You and Me This Morning"

Interviewed by the "Today Show"

Testimonials About Me


"Joe Diamond is the best I have ever had!"  Emily, Crystal Lake

"Joe is truly one of a kind. If you do not know this already, I am telling you, you need this man in your life!"  Varla, IL

"Joe Diamond will make you loose sleep at night, but you will be happy about it. "  Tom, IL

my specialties

Dream Interpretation


I am excited to help you better understand a recent dream or reoccurring dreams and what they mean. By using my gifts to read minds and analyse dream information I can help you better understand these unconscious ques and provide interpretation to help you.

Palm Reading


Through holding your hand and reading the lines on your hand, I can share with you the "roadmap" of your life and give you a deeper understanding of your personality.   Information is power, so let me share with you your predetermined future. 

Card Scying


Using my unique approach to reading cards with my abilities to mind read, I am able to uncover what the card meanings are specific to you.  Your questions about all things can be used to help predict future events and uncover the true meanings behind past and current events.