"Just John" - Readings - Energywork

"Just" John


Hi, I am John and you may know me as "Just John"  as I believe in pure and honest intentions in my spiritual work and in the creation of my amulets.  As a generational eclectic witch I believe I use the powers provided to me to help others and believe in integrating earth elements into my work.  l would love to share with you my knowledge and use my gifts to help you on your spiritual journey. 

My Credentials


3rd Generation Eclectic Witch

Reiki 1 and 2 Certifications

2 Associates Degrees

Army Veteran 

I Mentor - Divining Rod Education,  Divining Rod Hunts, Home Clearings and Blessings

Testimonials About Me


"I am so thankful for John.  I am sleeping better and have more energy during the day.  Thank you so much for using Healers Gold and showing me how to use it myself." 

Trish, Fox Lake

"After working with John I was amazed at how much better I felt.  My pain level has decreased and I have cut back on my meds.  Your work has helped me tremendously. "  Anonomyous 

My Specialties

Chakra Readings


During my Chakra readings I use Oracle Cards with a specific layout to address the condition of your Chakras. By focusing on both your Giving and Receiving Energies I can help you uncover energy blockages and then  help you better understand and shift your energy.

Charm Casting Session


Would you like to have insight into the past, present or future with life, love, career, family and More?  Divination using charms, bones,reoccurring numbers and symbolic items have used for centuries to answer life's mysteries.

Negative Attachment Removal


By sharing my ancestral healing gifts I will balance your Energy clearing blockages and attachments that do not serve you. This session uniquely combines Reiki and Creole Ceremony (using an egg to encapsulate the negative) to help you feel powerful and balanced.