June Blunk - Intuitive art - Energywork - Meditation

June Blunk


Hello, I am June, an artist and advocate for self-empowerment. Many years ago when dealing with my own illness, I opened up to a new way of being and started to consciously transform my life.  I offer intuitive art, meditation and Reiki to help others discover their inner beauty, power and  wisdom.  My mission is to inspire you to reveal your greatness within you.You can do much more than you think you can.  I will help you see how you can lovingly support you on your healing journey.

My Credentials


Reiki Master

Seasoned Meditator for over 20 years

Speaker and Instructor

Inspirational Artist (Artwork is available for purchase at Enlightened Balance)

Testimonial About Me


"June's loving energy is something that impacted me the minute I met her" 

Kim, Algonquin

 I met June a couple of years ago and I’m not exaggerating when I say she has changed my life. She’s taught me how to mindfully meditate, to practice self care and love and to listen to my inner voice. We have also had a few amazing Reiki sessions. June is a loving light and an incredible blessing in my life. I’m so thankful for her guidance and wisdom - It has allowed me to open up and understand myself and others with more love, empathy and acceptance.  Debbie

Intuitive Heart & Soul Drawing


During your Heart & Soul Drawing Session I will ask you about your current life situations and get a feel toward what you are currently working through while creating a 6x6 drawing specifically for you. The drawing will serve as an affirmation, a physical reminder of what your focus can be to create a more loving peaceful life for yourself. Session includes personal drawing and is $40. My large paintings and small prints  are also available for purchase. and displayed at the store.  

Private and Group Meditations


For over 20 years I have been meditating far before meditating became popular. During my guided sessions I focus on alleviating stress and empowering you to be the best version of yourself. Group Mediation are available every Friday morning at 10 am and 4pm and are $20.  Private meditations are available all day at prevailing rates.



As a Reiki Master, I create a unique Reiki experience tailored for you and your goals.  During my sessions with you we will focus on current situations in your life that you might want to improve. I combine both guided meditation, visualization and the power of Reiki Energy to help you achieve your desired result. After your session, we will discuss your experience and I will assist you by sharing my feelings and impressions of the session to help you and gain insight on how to move forward.