Kat Bosley


Blessings! My name is Katherine but you can call me Kat.  I have been an intuitive healer most of my life.  By sharing my spiritual gifts and my gifts of knowledge with you, together we can bring your life and spiritual paths to new heights.  I look forward to sharing my insight and gifts with you.

My Credentials


Early in my life my connection with plants, flowers, trees provided me insight into the many mysteries of mother earth. I have spent my life cultivating my gifts and helping others.

Testimonials About Me


"I have relied on Kathy as my spiritual advisor for 3 years. Her wonderful & kind soul has helped me with both work and personal transitions.  Her readings are spot on and inspiring!" 

Cassi, Woodstock, IL

"I have had several readings with Kat and she is always spot on. As a skeptic, she is the real deal. Kat has become a necessary spiritual guide in my life."  Kate K., Boulder Ridge

"Her reading revealed things about me that nobody knows. She is truly amazing!" 

 Lynn, Algonquin

My Specialties

Card Readings


Using cards, together we will uncover your true spiritual self on a soul level. By uncovering the mysteries of your Mind, Body and Soul I can answer the many questions you may have about your past, present and future.  

Psychic Intuitive Sessions


As an Intuitive healer, I use the gifts that were given to me to uncover information that will help you rediscover yourself.  I am passionate about assisting my clients on their spiritual quest of self-discovery, self-worth and enlightenment.    

Gaia Reading


During this intense 1 hour session we will dive deep in all areas of your life and give you specifics as to what is to come.  Bring your questions and you will receive answers.  This reading is great for experienced clients who are okay with receiving very direct messages.

Chakra Readings


Though combining my psychic intuitive gifts and my knowledge of energy I can tell you the state of your Chakras so that you can better understand yourself. There are many services, Crystals, essential oils and herbs that can help you shift your energy, together we will address.

Cosmo 6 Month Forecast


Do you have  questions about love, life, career, family and more? During my 1 hour Cosmo Reading you will receive details about what unveil over the next 6 months.  Insight harnesses personal power.  $80

Cosmo 12 Month Forecast


This intensive 2 hour reading will provide you the insight that is imperative to be prepared for the next year.  Questions about  love, life, career, family and more will be answered during this 12 Month Cosmo Forecast Reading.  $160