My Specialties

Testimonial About Me

My Specialties

Illuminations - Shamanic Energy Balancing

Extractions - Shamanic Cord Cutting

Crystal Dreaming

Soul Retreivals

Astral Travel

Psychic Reading

Tarot Card Readings

Q&A Forecasting Sessions 

Crystal Chakra Balancing

Totem Animal Discovery


 Property Clearings, Blessings & Readings 


My Credentials

Testimonial About Me

My Specialties

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Member of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Graduate of "Create your Dreams" Shamanic Medicine

Hypnosis Certification with Chris Chrohn

Past Life Regression Certification with Chris Chrohn


Testimonial About Me

Testimonial About Me

Testimonial About Me

"I have never felt better than after I had a Karmic Clearing reading with Monique.  The things that she knew and how she was able to uncover things in my past that have negatively impacted me so that I could release them changed my life.  If you feel you have unresolved issues from your childhood or even issues that you may be paying for from a past life, Monique is the person for you!" 

Angie, Elmhurst