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Enlightened Balance
Psychic Readings
Energy Balancing
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Why You Should Choose Us

*We are Honored to win Best of Crystal Lake

 in 3 categories including:

Metaphysical Boutique, Art Gallary and Psychic Holistic Services

*We are a Metaphysical Boutique, Rock Shop, Artisan Gallary and a 

Chakra Spa with Private Rooms for Sessions

*We focus on Helping You be the Best Version of Yourself  through alligning your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul

*We Celebrate All Spiritual Groups that embrace 

Love, Peace, Unity & Community

Enlightened Balance
Psychic Readings
Energy Balancing
Metaphysical Boutique
Rock Shop

Our Holistic Team

 Our Gifted Team are also 

Licensed Counselors and Life Coaches,

 Nurse Practitioners and Nurses, 

Recipients of PHD’s and Masters Degrees,

 Published Authors and Illustrators,

 Retired Military and Nonprofit Volunteers

prior Heads of US Companies

We were voted BEST Psychic and Holistic Services 

in Crystal Lake

Enlightened Balance
Psychic Readings
Energy Balancing
Metaphysical Boutique
Rock Shop

Pricing and Appointment Details

Cash, Check and Charge Okay

Sessions are calculated in 15 minute $20 increments

Sessions are always held in Private Rooms

Sessions have time minimums, See Below

Most Sessions are for Individuals, Limited Group Availability

Appointments start at 30 minutes 

Walk-in Sessions available starting at 15 minutes

48 Hour Cancellation Policy Applies

Please Check-in 5 minutes prior to appointments

Daily Schedule - Scroll Down for Descriptions

Enlightened Balance
Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa
Psychic Readings 
Energy Balancing
Crystal Shop

Service Descriptions - Prices Calculated at $20 /15 Minutes

  General Intuitive Reading

Receive guidance and insight about yourself and your spiritual path - 15 minute minimum

Q & A Psychic Forecasting Session

Receive answers to your questions about Life, Love, Career and More - 30 minute minimum

Palm Reading

Discover what the lines on your hands can tell you about your future - 15-minute minimum

Akashic Records

Find out who you were in a past life, helping you understand today - 30 minute minimum

Tea Leaf Reading 

Receive answers held in tea leaves to uncover, discover and insight - 30 minute minimum

Medium Session

Connect and receive messages from transitioned loved ones - 1-hour suggested

Angel and Guide Messages

Receive guidance from your angels and guides - 30 minute minimum, 1-hour suggested

Numerology Reading

Gain insight into yourself and others using date of birth (time of birth not needed) - 30 min. minimum

Chakra and Aura Reading 

Energy Reading to assess energy flow and blockages providing insight into issues - 30 min. minimum

Crystal Energy Balancing Session

Laydown & relax during this energetic balancing that incorporates crystal energy, 

crystal prescription included  - 45 min. minimum

Reiki Energy and Chakra Balancing

Relax, Let go of Stress and Balance your energy using traditional Japanese techniques - 45-min. min.

Heart-Centered Session

This Heart Chakra focused session addresses loving yourself and matters of the heart - 30 min. min.

Childhood Trauma Intensive

Release & Resolve Issues in this intensive interactive session - 1-hour session/$80

Isis Awakening

Bring out the High Priestess in you in this empowering session - 1-hour session/$80

Gaia Reading or Compass

Session unveiling what is going on NOW (Gaia) or FUTURE (Compass) 

in all areas of your life - 1-hr

Gaia & Compass Combo

Comprehensive session unveiling the NOW & FUTURE in all areas - 1.5-hours

Medicine Reading

Unveil your FUTURE with insight ‘‘Medicine’ to address and be prepared - 2-hour session/$160

Ultimate Energy Balancing and Reading Combo

Enjoy a customized session that includes a reading and energy balancing in this ultimate in selfcare experience, One or Two Practitioners may be utilized for maximum results - 1.25-hour session

Past Life Regression

Uncover who you were in a past life to and how it may trigger issues today - $100

Spiritual Expression Session

Empowering Soul Reading & Drawing by Published Intuitive Illustrator June  (includes 9x12 original art) $100 per person, $20 for each additional energy/person infused in artwork

Enlightened Balance Ultimate Self Care Experience

Experience 3 different customized sessions during this  Ultimate Self Care Experience - $120 

Spiritual Gift Mentoring 

Instruction and practice of your gifts - 1-hour session/$80 - Packages Available

Appointment Only Offerings

Call to Schedule 815-307-1180

Property Clearings

Blessing and Energy Clearings customized to your situation - Length and Prices vary

Animal Communication

Connect with the thoughts and feelings of your transitioned or living    pet. Item or picture of transitioned pet helpful, for living pet may be present for session - 1-hour session

Shamanic Illumination

Laydown session using Shamanic techniques to balance energies - 45 minute minimum 

Egg Cleanse

Traditional attachment removal and blessing - 1-hour session


Gentle pressure applied to your neck, shoulders & head to align meridians & release stress- 1-hour session

Healing Touch

Gentle touch of wounded or surgically compromised areas to increase wellbeing - 1-hour session

Hand Reflexology

The application of pressure to points on your hand to relieve stress - 1-hour session

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic session including past life reveal, contract clearing, power animal gift and more - $120

Crystal Dreaming Session

Shamanic Journey using crystals and crystal mandala to activate energetic shifts resulting in profound expanded consciousness - $160 


Classes & Workshops for Individuals or Groups

Drop-in Guided Meditation  - Offered Daily

Length depends on number of people in your group although individual sessions welcomed - $10pp

Sound Bath Meditation  - Offered Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Sit back, Relax, Unwind and Let Go during this sound meditation that includes live play of the

Crystal Bowls and a Quartz Triangle to help you Ground and Release - $40pp

Subconscious Vision Board Workshop - Offered Thursday and Friday

Intuitive Create a vision board that will harness the power of your hidden intentions - $60pp

Includes all materials (Group Discounts Available)

White Magic Workshop - Offered Saturday

Learn the basics of understanding and casting spells, if you would like guidance on a particular intention guidance will be provided - $60pp (Group Discounts Available) 

Intuitive Art Exploration - Offered Wednesday and Saturday

Using different mediums, unleash the creative goddess in you, no artistic abilities required - Includes all materials $60pp (Group Discounts Available)

Intuitive Chakra Balancing Meditation and Pour Painting 

Offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday

Tap into your Inner Goddess, Balance Your Chakras, Create Art and Have Fun

 Includes all materials $80 pp (Group Discounts Available) 

Group and Private Reiki Certification 1, 2 or 3 - Offered Daily

(Group $150 + book) - (Private $220 + book)