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Tarot, Oracle, Angel Decks, Wicca, Pagan, Runes, IChing, Tea Leaves, Shamanic, Native American


Tarot - Oracle - Intention - Inspirational








Native American





Rock Shop, Crystals, Rocks, Fossils, Tumbled Rocks, Raw Rocks, Geological Specimens, Cathedrials

Crystals, Rocks and Salt Lamps

200+ Options


Large Specimens

Tumbled - Raw Specimens

Amber - Grey - White

Fair Trade Salt Lamps  

Pyramids - Merkaba 

Skulls - Hearts - Angels

Free Form - Flames

Chakra Sets - Zodiac Sets 

Generators -Wand - Pendulums

Sterling Crystal Jewelry

Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Books, CDS, Journals, Almanac, Spell Books, Buddhist, Chakra, Wicca, Pagan, Angels, Shamanic

Books, CDs and Journals

New - Vintage

Almanacs - Journals - Calanders

Educational - Spiritual - Meditative






Native American





Sage, Sweet Grass, Smudging, Resin, Palo Santo, Florida Water, Rose Water

Energy Clearing

Herbs - Bundles - Resin - Incense

Shells - Fans - Feathers - Kits

Herbal Intentions

Sage Bundles

Loose Sage

Palo Santo

Florida Water

Rose Water


Sweet Grass



Dragons Blood 

Crystals, Feng Shui, Wands, Pendulums, Witch Balls, Vibe Mats, Pouches, Crystal Balls, Essential Oil


Handmade - Imported

Feng Shui Essentials


Hanging Crystals

Energy Catchers

Dream Catchers

Witch Balls


Divining Rods

Vibe Mats



Crystal Balls




Crystal Grids

Pendulum Mats

Mortar and Pestle



Wax Seals


Wish Paper

Zodiac Kits

Angel Kits



Incense, Resin, Candle Holders

Dream Catchers

Drums, Gongs, Singing Bowls, Bells, Chimes, Flutes, Rain Sticks, Rattles, Angel Bells, Tuning Forks


Handcrafted - Imported



Singing Bowls


Rain Sticks

Angel Bells

Energy Clearing Bells

Gongs on Stands

Gongs Handheld

Tuning Forks


Temple Bells



Goats Milk Soap, Candles, Ear Candles, Skin Care, Essential Oils, Young Living, Pet Care, Baby Care

Natural Products

Including Handmade

Soaps - Bath Salts


Ear Candles

Perfumes - Room Sprays

Skin Care

Pet Care

Laundry Soap

Lip Balm

Gift Sets

Young living, Essential Oils, Uttati, Indigo Wild Zum, Angel OIls, Salt Lamps Warmers, Diffusers

Essential Oils

Single OIls - Blends - Sprays

Handmade Perfume Blends

Handmade Energy Clearing Blends

Young Living


Angel Oils

India Oils

Essential Oil Jewelry

Essential Oil Diffusers

Salt Lamp Essential OIl Warmers

Tea Forte, Buddha Teas, Loose Leaf Teas, Tea Bags, Organic, Herbal, Tea Cups, Tea Gift Packs


Organic - Herbal - Blends - Single Herbs

Loose Leaf

Tea Bags

Holistic Blends

Chakra Specific - Meditative

Tea Forte

Buddha Teas

Handmade Cups

French Presses

Gift Packs

CBD Oil, Bee Pollen, Young Living OIls, Buddha Teas, Uttati OIls, Kava Kava Tea, Chaga Tea, Reishi

Natural Ingestibles

Organic Teas

Herbal Teas

Organic Remedies

Single Herb Medicinal Teas

Kava - Chaga - Reishi

Young Living Oils

Buddha Tea

Tea Forte Tea

Essential Oil Singles

Essential Oil Blends

Tea Infused Mints


Bee Pollen

Local Honey 

Yoga Mats, Meditation Benches, Essential OIl Mat Cleaner, Singing Bowls, Bells, Chakra Coloring Book

Yoga and Meditation

Imported - Handmade Options

Yoga Mats

Meditation Cushions

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Essential Oil Sprays

Chakra and Yoga Inspired Jewelry

Singing Bowls - Bells - Tingsha

Drums - Rattles

Temple Bells

Harmony Balls

Meditation Balls

Eye Pillows

Coloring Books and Sets

Prayer Flags

Vibe Mats

Malas, Rosaries, Essential Oil Bracelets, Rings, Pendents, Necklaces, Imported, Artist Made, Crystal

Jewelry and Accessories

Vintage - Imported - Handmade

Sterling - Costume - Leather - Crystal

Female - Male - Child - Infant - Pet

Necklaces - Pendants - Bracelets - Rings

Essential OIl 

Chakra and Energy Balancing


Prayer Malas


Amulet Jewelry


Charm Jewelry

Harmony Ball

Purses and Tote Bags

Local Artist - Handmade - Handcrafted

Local Artists, Paintings, Sculpture, Dream Catchers, Chakra and Feng Shui Art, Witch Balls, Jewelry


June Blunk - Mixed Media Paintings, Prints

Lyn Nuck - Mixed Media Paintings

John Meservey - Paintings 

Rita Mischner - Paintings

Don Elder - Sculpture, Metal Work

Jodie Kraft - Painting Prints, Tiles

Doug Visona - Collage Art

Jurgita Mekyte - Paintings

Eva Baker - Macrame 

Natalie Novak - Paintings

Lisa DeMars - Silk Art

John Boersinger - Sculptures

Kim Grannemann - Paintings

Tamara McMillian - Henna Framables 

Lisa Davids - Photography

Garret Menshng - Photography

Crystal Jewelry, Wire Wrap Jewelry, Essential Oil Jewelry, Local Artist Jewelry, Spiritual Jewlery

Jewelry and Wearables

Lisa Matras - Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Deah Cooney - 925 Chakra Jewelry

Mat Mea - Wire Wrapped Pendants

Kim Malone - Crystal Inspirational Jewelry

John Boersinger - Copper Crystal Jewelry

Deonna Paelez - Earrings, Charms

Becky Clow - Up cycled Jewelry

Cheryl Voss - Essential Oil Jewelry

Rebecca Lierder - Costume Spiritual 

Dana Schwarz - Adult & Child Essential Oil 

Leslie Ann - Celtic Jewelry

Ben Rosenfield - Shamanic Jewelry

Deonna Paelez - Native Jewelry

Lyn Nuck - Organite Jewelry

Rebecca Brown - Beaded Jewelry

Annie Stocksberry - Funky Footware 

Jodie Kraft - Tote Bags

Diane Gelzaines - Hats, Scarves

Karen Meter - Scarves

Pottery, Dream Catchers, Faerie Items, Garden Art, Paperweights, Spiritual Decor, Paintings

Home Decor

Ryan Grannemann - Pottery Cups & Vases

Ben Rosenfield - Pottery, Faerie Doors

Lyn Nuck - Cement Garden Art

Rebecca Lierder - Clay Sculptures

Deonna Paelez - Mixed Media Sculptures

Ken Culberson - Asian Garden Art

Brian Malone - Cement Sculptures

Don Elder - Metal Sculpture

Matt Corrado - Tie Dye Tapestry 

Scott Mensching - Faerie Gardens

Vanessa Zandovy - Paperweights

MaryAnn Petruska - Spiritual Rock Decor

Rebecca Brown - Elemental Rock Decor 

Marion Scott - Faerie Doors

Alicia Hollis - Pottery Dishes

Chakra Art, Feng Shui Art, Wall Hangings, Silk Art, Cups, Bowls, Pottery, Vases, Local Artist, Art


Jodie Craft - Feng Shui and Chakra Decor 

Laurie Prichard - Spiritual Pillows

Scott Mensching - Fairie Items 

Ben Rosenfield - Bowls, Knitting Bowls

Ryan Grannemann - Cups, Bowls, Vases

Jurgita Mekyte - Cards

Matt Coranado -Wall Hangings, Paintings

Natalie McMillan - Baby Toys

Gabby McMillian - Baby Toys

Diane Gelzaines - Baby Blankets

Lisa DeMars - Silk Wall Hangins

Angie Zxuh - Journals, Table Runners

Lindsay Grannemann - Bookmarks

Catherine Nealey - Chakra Coloring Books

Lisa Gnady - Meditation Cards

Naomi Zagt - Paintings

Christian, Asian, Buddhist, Pagan, Wicca, Native American, Holistic, Spiritual, Metaphysical, Witch

Spiritual Offerings

Lisa DeMars - Silk Grid & Pendulum Mats

Deonna Paelez - Spirit Animal Items

Just John - Amulets, Wands, Diving Rods

Lyn Nuck - Organite, Pyramids, Mandalas

Leslie Ann - Wicca Prayer Beads 

Rebecca Brown - Tarot Blessing Wheel

Catherine Nealey - Chakra Coloring Books

Melisa Jensen - Wands 

Becca Lierder - Intention Dolls, Amulets

Ben Rosenfield - Smudge Dishes, Drums

Rebecca Brown - Elemental Alter Items 

MaryAnn Petruska - Inspirational Rocks

Lori Paris - Chakra Rocks

Kim Pope - Pendulums, Crystal Kits

Courtney Kramer - Alter Boxes

Laurie Prichard -Buddhist Decor 

RA Moonwalk - Wands

Angie Zxuh - Alter Clothes, Deck Pouches 

Norma Chapman - Meditation Cussions

Vanessa Zavodny - Elemental Bulbs

Scott Menshing - Faerie Items

Ben Rosenfield - Celtic and Pagan Plaques

Patricia Coldwell - Singing Bowl CDs

Lisa Gnaidy - Gong CDs

Kim Brandt - Meditation CDs

Dick Chapman - Meditation Benches

Cathey Levin - Dream Catchers

Mat Corrado - Tye Dyed Mandalas

Bath and Body, perfumes, Essential OIls, Soaps, Bath Salts, Incense, Candles, Herbal Intentions

Natural Enhancements

Cathy Levin - Body Scrubs

Deonna Paelez - Essential Oil Bath & Body

Stacey Martorano - Essential Oil Soaps

Cori Getzelman - Essential Oil Soaps

Jenny Grifith - Essential Oil Soasps

Rebecca Brown - Amish Soaps

Just John - Vegan Soaps

Cate Hastings - Intention Perfumes

Kim Malone - Intention Herbal Incenses 

David Napora - Soy Candles

Kristina Nametz - Soy Candles

Lindsay Grannemann - Bath Soaks

Annie Stocksberry - Perfumes

Deonna Paelez - Medicinal Remidies

Kim Grannemann - Room Sprays